Safety And Suitability

Our Commitment to Safe and Delightful Cuddles

At MoodBears, we believe in creating not only adorable and comforting companions but also ensuring that all our bears meet the highest safety and quality standards. This commitment to safety and suitability is at the core of our brand values.


Safety Testing

Our MoodBears undergo rigorous safety testing to comply with international safety standards, including the European Safety Standard (EN71) and the American ASTM guidelines. This testing process ensures all our products are safe from physical and mechanical hazards, flammability, and toxic substances.


Age Suitability

MoodBears make the perfect friend for people of all ages. From birth to 100 and beyond, our products are safe and suitable for all.


Quality Assurance

Every MoodBear is made with love, care and the finest materials, ensuring great huggability and durability. We carefully inspect each bear to guarantee it meets our high-quality standards before it reaches your arms.


Caring for your MoodBear

To maintain the longevity and appearance of your MoodBear, follow the care instructions provided on its label. We recommend spot cleaning or gentle handwashing. MoodBears don’t like being submerged in water, and please avoid harsh cleaning products that could damage their fabric.