Meet The Bears

People of all ages go through strong emotions. Sometimes the emotions are fleeting, sometimes, they are long-lasting, but often they are difficult to cope with and articulate. Children, especially, have difficulty in identifying and expressing how they feel, and as adults, we often don't have someone we can trust or someone who wants to listen, even if we are ready to talk.

Mood Bears are always there and always ready to listen. They make no judgement, they can be trusted not to repeat what they hear, and if words are hard, they are good just to cuddle. 

Young and old have benefitted from ownership of these unique and specialised Mood Bears. All eight Mood Bears have a distinctive colour to match the mood associated with their name, based on colour psychology, and each has paw shapes indicating the mood they depict. Each is designed to illustrate and reflect one of eight important human emotions. 

Mood Bears have been distributed over 100 different stores in the UK and Ireland, and some have even made it to Australia and the USA. Mood Bear sare made from Recycled Materials and 100% Recyclable. The Bears are tested to European and British safety standards and are suitable from birth.

There are currently eight mood bears

  • Happy Bear
  • Sad Bear
  • Angry Bear
  • Calm Bear
  • Nervous Bear
  • Hope Bear
  • Love Bear
  • Silly Bear

More Bears are planned, as well as accessories and books about the bears.

Mental health

Now more than ever before, mental health is hitting the headlines. Modern life is stressful and complicated, and we all struggle through it in the best way we know how.  

The reports that many of us know and care for people who experience mental illness. According to, 1 in 4 people will experience and mental health problem of some kind each year in the UK., and tells us that 10% (age 5-16) of children suffer from mental health conditions. 

While these figures are shocking and seem to be on the increase, funds and facilities cannot keep up, and many people have to suffer in silence.

Mood Bears were designed by a mental health sufferer for like-minded people going through their own problems. Reports from medical professionals indicate that owning a Mood Bear can really help sufferers to cope. Mood Bears cannot offer a long-term solution to anyone´s deep-seated issues, but just having a Mood Bear to offer a friendly face, a squishy cuddle, and to listen to your problems can lift someone’s mood and brighten someone’s day.

Happy Bear

Whether you are feeling happy, unsure or in need of a little mood boost, Happy Bear is there for you. Just one look at that sympathetic, cheerful face and bright, sunshine-yellow fur lifts your mood instantly. And irresistibly merry and joyful paw shapes make us smile with pleasure, happiness, and contentment. A simple Bear hug and a smile can wipe away a hundred sad feelings.

Happy Bear encourages a positive mood and a brighter outlook and is always there to listen, whether you have cheerful chatter to share or something more serious to tell and need someone to listen with sympathy. But you don't always have to talk; sometimes it's enough just to have someone there, radiating sympathy and understanding. Sometimes just a simple cuddle will wipe away any grey clouds that are gathering in your head and let in the sunshine.

Happy Bear is a bright yellow bear with a personality that's sunny.

Happy looks on the brighter side of life and loves to be smiley and funny.

Happy brightens everyone's day with just a simple cuddle.

Happy is always there for you if you're feeling in a bit of a muddle.

To hop, skip, jump, and play makes Happy smile with glee. Everyone in Happy's life is as happy as can be.

Pick Me

Love Bear

Love Bear has the biggest, warmest, most generous heart and wants to share love with you every day. From the warm red fur to heart paw shapes, Love Bear radiates affection and tenderness and is all about sharing life, love and laughter with you. We all need love in our lives, and Love Bear helps you to understand and experience the feeling of love. Always there to share cuddles with you, to listen to your secrets, and to be forever on your side. 

Whether you want to tell Love Bear about someone you love, someone you would like to love, or someone who loves you, Love Bear will always listen carefully and understand your feelings. If you don’t want to tell Love Bear about anyone, but just want a big, warm Bear hug, Love Bear will give you what you need and love you unconditionally from the first cuddle.

Love Bear loves all! Big or small, far or near, just a cuddle from this little bear, will make your heart cheer.

Love is all around us, sometimes hard to understand.

A cuddle from this little bear, you’ll feel love from holding hands.

With bright red fuzzy fur, and a warm welcome heart,

You’ll love this little bear, right from the very start.

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Nervous Bear

Nervous Bear is an excellent listener. With a calming green colour, specially designed to soothe jangled nerves and relax tense muscles. You can tell by Nervous Bear´s face that everything that you are feeling is perfectly understood with empathy and acceptance. Anxious thoughts just melt away in the company of Nervous Bear. Whether you want someone to listen calmly without offering pointless solutions, or you just need a Bear hug to release those agitated, jittery feelings. Nervous Bear will offer comfort, compassion, and patience, never making your emotions seem trivial or irrelevant.

Sometimes it’s so hard to put your feelings into words, but with Nervous Bear, you don’t have to talk; you have someone who will just share your space and offer you as many calming cuddles as you need. Well-chosen paw shapes reflect your feelings perfectly and show you how well the emotions that you are going through are understood. Nervous Bear cannot solve your problems but will always be there to listen, soothe, empathise, and encourage you to vocalise your internal feelings.

If ever you’re feeling anxious or slightly out of sorts.

Spend time telling Nervous Bear all your anxious thoughts.

This bear knows more than most why sometimes we get nervous.

Calming moods and lightning loads, It’s Nervous Bear's sole purpose.

Any friend of Nervous Bear is a lucky friend of course!

So snuggle up with Nervous Bear’s' bright green fluffy paws.

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Silly Bear

Silly Bear is there to share those crazy moments when you can't just sit still and need to go a bit crazy. Sharing your mood, joining in, and never telling you to calm down or grow up. We all need to be silly sometimes, no matter how old we are and Silly Bear is up for a bit of fun no matter what the time of day. 

Silly-faced paw shapes reflect the crazy mood that Silly Bear always feels. When the rest of the world is telling you to stop being annoying or to calm down, Silly Bear will share your mood and join in with your silliness. Silly Bear understands that silly emotions are coursing through you, and you couldn't stop if you wanted. Next time you are feeling silly and crazy, go and find Silly Bear to be frivolous, dippy or just simply silly with you.

When the world gets far too serious, and you’re in need of a giggle,

Silly Bear will be there with the most contagious wiggle.

Telling the funniest jokes, pulling the funniest faces.

Silly is rarely serious, even in the most important places.

Forever having lots of fun, Silly Bear’s face is rarely straight.

So embrace your own silly side, and be silly with your new best mate!

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Sad bear

Sad Bear is blue, and is always there to help you whenever you feel blue too. Sad-faced paw shapes sympathise with your mood perfectly, and a kind, understanding face will listen to your problems and troubles or sit quietly while you cry it out. Sad Bear loves to be cuddled for hours on end and will never get weary or bored when you talk about your feelings or when you need a shoulder to cry on. Sad Bear understands what you are going through, and will never suggest that you pull yourself together or get over it. Sad Bear won`t offer pointless solutions, just listen, understand, sympathise and keep you company in your worst moments. Sometimes you just feel sad, melancholy or sorrowful, and Sad Bear gives you the time and space you need to express your feeling without criticism or opinion.

  • Sad Bear looks sad and gloomy ,but makes the best of friends.
  • No matter how you are feeling, Sad Bear’s with you as day ends.
  • Sad Bear will calm your nerves, and sooth away your fears.
  • Snuggle you when feeling sad, And wipe away your tears.
  • Sad Bear to you and I, The bear that’s always blue.
  • Sad Bear brings you happiness and is always there for you.
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Hope Bear

Hope Bear is there for you when you can't see a light and the end of the tunnel. Hope Bear shows you that everything can get better if we just have confidence. Hope is about expectation, optimism and belief, and Hope Bear wants to help you feel all these. 

Hope Bear is coloured with all the shades of the other emotions because every emotion is human and normal and leads you through life, always looking forwards to better things. Hope Bear reminds you that whatever emotion you are feeling at the moment won't last forever; it will change with time: sadness changes to happiness; anger changes to calm; nervousness changes to hope.

Hope Bear has rainbow paw shapes because after a storm, there can be a rainbow, and after sadness, anger, and nervousness, there can be hope. Hope Bear loves to be with you in your dark times, and when the clouds are lifting, and the sun begins to shine again, full of anticipation and hopefulness. Hope Bear wants to see you achieve your goals and share every moment with you.

Hope Bear is bright and colourful and holds all the Mood Bear shades.

Hope wears a beautiful rainbow that will brighten up your days.

When days are really difficult, much harder than it seems, Hope turns the storms into rainbows and helps you reach your dreams.

On days when life just gets you down and feels a little blue,

Hope’s brightly coloured rainbow is always there for you.

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Angry Bear

Angry Bear is bright orange in colour, the colour of a fiery temper and with paw shapes that show your feelings are perfectly understood. But Angry Bear isn't there to be angry or annoyed with you, simply there to share your enraged feelings, understand how explosive or deep your furious feelings can be, but also how fleeting. Angry Bear wants to be there for you when you are feeling at your most annoyed, outraged and resentful, to share a cuddle with you and take away some of those difficult feelings. 

Angry Bear wants to help you with those angry thoughts and feelings seeping away while you are cuddling tightly. Angry Bear wants you to know that your feelings are perfectly normal and will patiently wait while you express all your feelings, listen without opinion or comment, and help to soothe that anger away. Angry Bear understands and will not judge, resent or remember.

Angry Bear is orange, just like a fiery temper

But on the inside, really full of love and wants to be your helper.

When you’re feeling angry, and all out of control

Just give this bear a great big squeeze for help to calm your soul.

Angry will take all of your anger, but just won’t let it show

Apart from on those feet, of course, the rest is all let go.

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Calm Bear

Calm Bear is waiting to help when you are stressed, and life has become too much. With a cooling, calming pale green colour, designed to calm the mind and relaxed, smiling paw shapes that are placid, soothing and friendly. Calm Bear is soft to cuddle, great at listening, compassionate and considerate, and exudes a serene, harmonious aura. 

Stresses and worries are halved once they are shared with someone, and Calm Bear has all the time in the world to listen while you unburden yourself. Calm Bear can be trusted to keep your worst secrets and never be shocked or surprised. Calm Bear will listen serenely to your worst fears and worries and never tell you that you are being silly or exaggerating. Calm Bear knows that if it is important to you, then it is important. Whenever you are stressed, Calm Bear will be there for you; to listen, understand, calm your nerves, and give the best Bear hugs.

When stress and worry come your way, just know you are not alone

Calm bear will be there with you, by your side in the unknown.

With calm green fur so soothing, and so very soft to cuddle

Calm’s ears are also great at listening when you are in a muddle.

So share your worries with Calm bear, who’ll take them all away

And you can be yourself again, to continue with your day.

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