Hope Bear

The Colourful Hope Bear

Hope bear is bright and colourful and holds all the Mood Bear shades. Hope wears a beautiful rainbow that will brighten up your days.

When days are really difficult , much harder than is seems Hope turns the storms to rainbows and Helps you reach your dreams.

On days when life just gets you down and feels a little blue, Hopes brightly coloured rainbow is always there for you

Hi, I'm Hope Bear

You may notice that I am a little bit different to all the other bears. I’m not just one colour, I am lots of different colours,

I don’t have a face stitched onto my feet either, instead I have rainbows. Just like all the other bears though I love to give out hugs and be with you whenever you feel you need me. I’ll let you into a secret, I’m different in lots of ways and I love that about myself. I was made different on purpose because sometimes we can be a jumble of lots of different thoughts, feelings and emotions and I am just the bear to help you through that. I have the bright and beautiful yellow of happiness on me representing sunshine and all things light and beautiful. I have the deep purple of silliness because sometimes it right to lighten the mood and be a little silly.

I have the pale blue of sadness because although I always want to see you smile sometimes we can feel a little low and need a hug to cheer us up. I have the deep green of nervousness because the world is a big place and some days it’s easy to be nervous about what lays ahead but I can lend you some strength to help you through. Of course, I also have the red of love because love is so important and we all need lots of that in our lives.

I am hope bear because I can help to get you through each day and each emotion, my rainbows represent how we can travel forward, that with a little faith, a dash of hope and a lot of love we can move through whatever life choses to throw at us and come out the other side feeling safe and loved.

Love Bear is a red plush toy made from 100% recycled post consumer polyester and is 100% recyclable via textile recycling. This toy complied to EN71 parts 1,2 and 3, ASTM F963 and IOS 8124 toy safety standards and is suitable for all ages.