Changing Mental Health Conversations for Children and Adults

Changing Mental Health Conversations for Children and Adults

First sketched and then brought to life in 2019, the Mood Bears have been on a journey of growth and development and have already been able to support thousands of children and adults across the globe. Mood Bears are not just a cuddly toy. They have been specifically designed to support mental health and wellbeing, and allow children, and adults, to express themselves when words fail them.

The Purpose of Mood Bears

Mood Bears are not just a fun way to support children and adults as they negotiate all manner of emotions and feelings, but they have also become a tool that can be used to teach and educate children, and adults, about emotions, feelings, and moods.

The Mental Health Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a global crisis of unprecedented magnitude, impacting the mental health of children and families worldwide. It highlights how external events can affect our internal well-being, but it also presents an opportunity for positive change. Neglecting children's mental health hinders their learning, work, relationships, and overall contribution to society. Similarly, overlooking the mental well-being of parents and caregivers diminishes their ability to nurture and support children effectively.

A median of one in five young people (19 per cent) reported often feeling depressed or having little interest in doing things. And yet, for many millions around the world, there is no one to talk to, nowhere to turn for help. Why? Barriers to promoting children's and adolescents' mental health include systemic issues like lack of funding, leadership, coordination, and trained workers. Additionally, challenges arise from difficulties in discussing mental health openly due to stigmas and misunderstandings.

Breaking the Silence

We need to end stigmas, to break the silence on mental health, and to ensure that young people are heard, especially those with lived experience of mental health conditions. We have a historic chance to commit, communicate and take action to promote, protect and care for the mental health of a generation. We can provide support for a foundation of a generation equipped to pursue their dreams, reach their potential and contribute to the world.

The Mission of Mood Bears

Mood Bears are on a global mission to access educational environments to ensure parents, teachers and students have the opportunity to talk about how they are feeling, and know that it is ok, to not be ok. Investing in school-based interventions for adolescents aged 10-19 targeting anxiety, depression, and suicide has shown to be effective and cost-effective. The analysis revealed a return on investment of US$21.5 for every US$1 invested over 80 years.

Mental health is a right to be nurtured; it is a positive state of well-being and an essential investment in children and the world. The mission of Mood Bears is to promote conversations about mental health from an early age, fostering a more inclusive world for all.