Nervous Bear

Funniest Nervous Bear

If ever you’re feeling anxious, Or slightly out of sorts, Spend time to to tell Nervous Bear

All your anxious thoughts This bear knows more than most, Why sometimes we get nervous.

Calming moods and lightening loads, It’s Nervous Bears sole purpose

Any friends of Nervous Bear, Is a lucky friend of course!

So snuggle up with Nervous Bears bright green fluffy paws

Hi, I'm Nervous Bear

I sometimes get a bit nervous and I can worry about things and not always know why. Sometimes it’s the big things that I get nervous about, like trying something new for the very first time, and sometimes it’s the little things and things that I might have done lots of times in the past. I bet you get nervous sometimes too and that’s ok because together we can be strong and brave and we can still do the things that make us feel nervous.

I’ve found that even though something might make me nervous once I give it a try, I actually really enjoy it and I find that it wasn’t as scary as I though it might be. It always helps though to have a friend by your side when you are feeling that way, someone that can just lend a little support, and that is exactly why I am here.

I can support you through though tough times and I can give you some courage to give things a try. So, the next time you are feeling nervous come and give me a hug, not only will it make you feel a little bit better but it will also tell those around you that you are feeling a little worried and need to take things a bit slower. I’m looking forward to lots of cuddles and being by your side when you need me.

I am a dark green colour and if you look at my feet you can see just how nervous I sometimes feel, embroidered on my feet is a nervous looking face. I’m a dark shade of green because sometimes feeling nervous can make your tummy feel funny and can leave you feeling a little bit sick and looking a bit ‘green’ can show that.

Love Bear is a red plush toy made from 100% recycled post consumer polyester and is 100% recyclable via textile recycling. This toy complied to EN71 parts 1,2 and 3, ASTM F963 and IOS 8124 toy safety standards and is suitable for all ages.