The 12 Moods of Christmas ....

The 12 Moods of Christmas ....
  1. When you are feeling low in a morning , encourage yourself to get up and out of bed and talk to or be around people who care
  2. Take time to go for a walk in the nature that’s around you 
  3. Days that you feel low , try and help another person in need , this lifts your spirit and gives an amazing purpose.
  4. Always try and get a good night sleep 
  5. Animals brighten many peoples day , if you love animals then always spend spare time with a pet you may have.
  6. Exercise is a well known for helping those with mental health illnesses 
  7. Human touch and a cuddle with someone has lots of proven research to suggest it will help . Even a MoodBear hug helps
  8. Talk about your feelings is so important . The person you choose to talk to can really help you to overcome your thoughts and feelings.
  9. Be around happy people . I know it’s difficult during the Covid rules but a video call can help too.
  10. Try and maintain a healthy diet 
  11. Make something , Creating an art or craft can busy your hands and mind, and lead to the reward of a completed project to add a little lift to your spirits.
  12. Try and keep a routine , it really helps to occupy your mind
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