Your messages have brought us to tears, thank you so much everyone for sharing

Your messages have brought us to tears, thank you so much everyone for sharing
ITV news has discussed how the effects of Covid 19 has triggered a mental health emergency ❤️
These little bears are having a huge positive impact on children’s and young adults mental health ❤️ The messages we have had come in have brought us to tears ❤️🧸 We have received emails from other NHS trusts who have not only praised The Mood Bears but who also want them in their unit because they believe they will help so many ❤️🥰
🧸 “I just wanted to let you know how much of an impact your bears had when i gave them to some children who had lost their mum under tragic circumstances. They were given them by the hospital as the last gift from their mum. The comfort and love that these bears gave the children on this last day was unmeasurable. I can’t thank you enough for sharing these bears with us.” 
“what a wonderful idea. we lost our niece suddenly in the space of 5 days .she left behind 3 very small children aged 5,3 and 14 months.if only we knew these were available as a parting gift from their Mummy. Im sure they could help bring some form of comfort to a small child who is too young to understand why their parent is not coming back.i hope sponsorship allows for them to become readily available in hostpitals/hospices across the country. well done "Mood Bears" -a lovely idea ❤” 
“Thank you for the gorgeous soft and cuddly LOVE mood bear my daughter received today during her Chemo treatment 😍 She loves it and managed to smile a little too. It really is appreciated xx”
Just wanted to say a massive thank you for your amazing Moodbears 
My son received love bear after he lost his grandad to Coronavirus last week x
He calls him “grandad loves me bear” and the comfort he has had has been amazing 
Thank you for such precious bears “
Hi and hello,
I am currently battling with PTSD after the loss of our son age 23, 5 years ago. My wife bought me a love bear, he is so so soft. I am 58 years old and you are never to old for a new bear, I shall treasure him.
Now with coronavirus , we have had orders for those who are struggling with anxiety or just miss their family so they are sending a love bear to show how much they care 🧸🥰❤️ Thank you all so much