Theraputic Toys For Stress.

Theraputic Toys For Stress.

What is a therapeutic toy?

You may have heard the words “therapeutic toys” in many different situations, schools, doctors’ surgeries, nurseries, hospitals, physiotherapy units, occupational therapy units, and many more.

But what does it actually mean?

It´s very simple really: A therapeutic toy is a toy that has the capacity to assist the user to overcome physical or mental difficulties, whether small or large, insignificant or immense, temporary or permanent.

A therapeutic toy can distract, teach, entertain, comfort, stimulate, soothe or aid communication.

For instance:

  • A brightly coloured or lit toy might help someone to calm down and focus.
  • A differently textured or vibrating toy might help someone with sensory difficulties.
  • A toy that can be manipulated can help with stress and anxiety.
  • A toy with a personality and an expressive face such as a Mood Bear can help with emotional overload.

Will a therapeutic toy help with Stress?

Of course. Therapeutic toys are good to have in any home. Having access every day to therapeutic toys in the home or office can greatly improve the ability to overcome difficulties.

Of course, therapeutic toys are just one coping mechanism for the complicated world we live in today. But for a stress-free life suggest that we should also:

  • Exercise regularly.
  • Schedule regular relaxation intervals. 
  • Prevent social isolation. 
  • Reassess our priorities.

Can adults use therapeutic toys?

Therapeutic toys are for everyone.  A good, well-designed toy such as a Mood Bear will bring joy and comfort to adults as well as children. 

 In today´s stressful world we all need release. A good therapeutic toy should entertain first whilst also bringing beneficial qualities. For instance, a mood bear can be a gift for anyone and bring instant joy and love, but its therapeutic side is an added bonus when it is gifted to someone going through a hard time, or struggling with big emotions.


Where can I buy a therapeutic toy?

Although professionals have a specific need for them, therapeutic toys can be bought by anyone.  If you think a therapeutic toy will be beneficial for yourself or for a family member or friend, you will find advice in any good toy shop, or by searching for “therapeutic toys” online.

Be specific about what you are looking for. The choice can be overwhelming, so it would be a good idea to limit the products you are offered by filtering the results with additional words such as “therapeutic toys soft plush” or “therapeutic toys construction”, “therapeutic toys stress relief”, etc. 

Mood bears are sold in over 60 toy shops in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, as well as on Amazon and directly from website.

10 tried and tested therapeutic toys

  • Mood bears.  A Mini Mood Bear is great addition to anybody´s life, young or old. Small enough to go with you wherever you go, relieving overstretched emotions.
  • Bubble Wrap Popping Sensory Toy. For calming down a sensory overload.
  • Fidget spinner. Very much a fad toy for a while but proven to aid concentration and calmness
  • Stress ball. A simple tool to relieve stress.
  • Flippy chain. Can be kept in your pocket for those anxious moments.
  • Magnetic Desk Sculpture Most expensive option but worth investing in if suffering from repeated anxiety.
  • Newton´s cradle. An oldie but tried and tested.
  • Aromatherapy dough. Providing stress relief of manipulation together with calming aromas.
  • Textured chew stick. For those who chew pens or bite their fingernails when stressed.
  • Chinese ball set. Heavy, satisfying balls to juggle away that stress.