Mood Bears and the media.

Mood Bears and the media.

All businesses these days must, of course, be highly active on all social media platforms as an essential part of their marketing strategy. Having up-to-date, inclusive, entertaining and most importantly, relevant posts is, without doubt, the most effective way to reach the public in this crazy 21st century global market. Mood Bears is very lucky to have great collaboration with the media in general, as well as having several celebrity fans.

Mood bears and social media.

Mood Bears are of course active on facebook, instagram, and linkedin, with hundreds of thousands of followers on each platform, and love to share photos, updates and posts with engaging and informative updates. Although these platforms are relatively new, they have quickly become and one of the most effective and essential tools in the marketer´s quest to reach and engage the public, and Moodbears are in a good position to take full advantage of this.

Mood Bears and ITV

Mood Bears have also come to the attention of TV companies, with ITV News Central doing an exclusive interview  in the run-up to Christmas entitled “Advent: Day 16”. In the interview they visited Mood Bears packing warehouse, showing Leicester City FC staff giving their own time to help with the enormous feat of meeting the demand for Mood Bears during the 2020 Christmas rush. 

They singled out Jo Proud, the owner and creator of Mood Bears, for an interview about her vision. And also spoke to staff at the Leicester Royal Infirmary which had received a box of bears for the patients on their children´s ward. Filbert Fox, Leicester City´s mascot, was also filmed creating havoc in the warehouse while his work colleagues were speaking to the interviewer, but despite the disruption, the mood was high in that cold warehouse because they all knew that they were making a difference.

Mood Bears and the Press


Hello Magazine wrote a feature in 2019 about star of stage and screen, Peter Andre, when he declared that two of the Mood Bears are his son´s favourite toys. Peter posted a photo of Theo´s favourites, Sad Bear and Silly Bear on his Instagram account, declaring that his son loves to sleep with these two colourful bears, rejecting the more expensive and exclusive toys that he has in his playroom.

The Mysterious Girl singer and reality star was talking about his youngest son Theo, rather than his oldest son Junior. Peter and his wife, Emily MacDonagh, have together built a huge playroom for their children, floored with foam tiles and packed with expensive and entertaining toys. 

But Theo´s consistent favourites are two of his Mood Bears. Theo has the whole original range of five Bears, Sad Bear, Happy Bear, Silly Bear, Nervous Bear and Love Bear; but his favourites by far are Sad Bear and Silly Bear which he always likes to sleep with.

Equally Fearne McCann, star of TOWIE and First Time Mum, shared photos on her Instagram account in October 2020 of her daughter Sunday cuddling her Mood Bears. 

The Daily Mail shared the tweeted pictures as part of a larger interview with the reality star. Sunday also has the full collection of Mood bears and her mum Fearne enthused about them:  'I am so moved by these amazing little bears from

'I feel it is so important for both Sunday & myself to be able to express emotion, & speak out about how we feel...

'These incredible Mood Bears are cuddly, cute and have been created to encourage people to talk, listen & understand our thoughts, feelings & moods.

Another Star of TOWIE, Mario Falcone spoke to Hello Online in November 2020 about his son Parker, who has become the new face of Moodbears.

Mario tells how he loves to encourage his son to talk. He believes “…as parent´s it´s our job to educate and help out kids learn about their emotions from a young age” “And I think the Mood Bears are a fantastic way of doing that from a young age. It teaches them, in a fun way, about their emotions and encourages them to talk.”

Mood Bears and online charities.

As well as all the bears that have willingly been donated by Mood Bears and their collaborators, Mood Bears have teamed up with Anna Kennedy OBE. The star of BBC´s People´s Strictly and founder of  Autisms Got Talent  at London´s Mermaid theatre to help her online charity raising autism awareness. Annakennedyonline promotes the Mood Bears as a perfect tool for connecting and communicating with autistic children and adults as they assist the expression of emotions without words, but at the same time open up a pathway for verbal expression.

All in all, Moodbears continues going from strength to strength from its small beginnings in 2019, and long may it last.

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